Atlas GIS 4.0 Again Available For Purchase

Download the Atlas 4.0 brochure.

RPM is pleased to announce that Atlas GIS 4.0 is once again available for purchase. We will continue to sell and support Atlas GIS 4.0 and Atlas DOS 2.1 as long as there are users who rely on them . Further, we have reduced the price of Atlas 4.0 from $795 to $495 per copy -- but with electronic documentation and RPM technical support only.

Contact us today to order your Atlas 4.0 software or upgrade! and to find out why it just might, finally, be time to move on up to ArcMap.

Atlas GIS Features Now In ArcMap; Business Analyst Online (BAO)

We think Atlas GIS users will REALLY like ArcMap in ArcView 10, which is a cartographer's dream.

We also have software as a service technology from ESRI called Business Analyst Online, a great way for Atlas users to add contemporary capabilities and start to migrate over.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our great ESRI products.

Atlas GIS 4.0 Upgrades Also Available

Thanks to the special support of ESRI, we are also pleased to re-introduce upgrade pricing, at $295 per copy for users of prior versions of Atlas. We regret that we must be consistent with ESRI policy and discontinue the competitive upgrades.

Announcing Atlas GIS-ArcView Migration Paks For Business Users

To help business users progress towards the state-of-the-art Arc GIS platform, we are also offering special Arc-Atlas GIS Migration Paks, including both Atlas GIS 4.0 and ArcView 10 and migration assistance. The Atlas GIS-ArcView Migration Pak costs $1,795 for users of Atlas GIS.