Atlas GIS Support Options - Free Support Options

Support for all versions of Atlas GIS is better and broader than ever.  We are dedicated to maintaining support for the equally dedicated users of Atlas 2.1 for DOS and for the Atlas GIS For Windows 3.x and 4.0 versions.

How dedicated is dedicated?  Well, if you have support questions of any type, pertaining to technical support, or even to applications and "how do I do this" questions, send them to us by e-mail and we will answer them on an as-available basis at no charge.

User self-help is also available at no charge.  Users are encouraged to join the ESRI Atlas GIS Discussion Forum.

Atlas GIS Support Options - Priority Support Options

For priority support to answer your technical questions relating to errors generated while using Atlas software and data products, subscribe to Priority Telephone Technical Support for $295 per year per user.  Your request to our support line, open 9AM to 5PM PST Monday through Friday, will be acknowledged ASAP and usually answered within 24 hours.

We also offer 5 and 10 hour consulting packages and "kick start" support for quick application development and implementations, and to answer the "how to" and "how do i do this" questions.  Five hour packages cost $595 and 10 hour packages, $995 with time billed by the quarter-hour.

We also offer mission critical, 24/7/365 support, with contracts provided on a custom basis.

Contact us today for more information about Atlas GIS support and training.

Other Atlas GIS Support Resources

Check the Atlas GIS Technical Notes and the legacy Archives Of The AGIS-L Discussion List as well as the current ESRI Atlas GIS Discussion Forum first.  Your question or problem may already have been answered or resolved.

Atlas Tips & Tricks, Presented By RPM At The '96 Atlas GIS National Users Conference contains some helpful hints and workarounds you shouldn't miss!

For Atlas 4.0 Users, the updated Atlas GIS Query Builder and patch is available for free download.

Also coming in mighty handy are the shapefile to agf and agf to shapefile translators .

And be sure to visit the legacy Atlas Place website for Atlas-related downloads.

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