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Portals & Links
ESRI Business Analyst
Powerful GIS made easy - it's the wizard-driven ArcGIS Business Analyst from ESRI and RPM.
MCIF Systems Learn all about customer information files at MCIF Central.
GIS In Public Health
The Public Health GIS section has a new, clean look and more content. RPM Infonet visitors can also download the current issue of the NCHS-CDC Public Health GIS News & Information newsletter here.

Geocoding Services
Here are some web-based geocoding services for use and demonstration.
GIS Dictionary
A can't-do-without resource in the jargon-filled world of GIS.
Map Collections Page
Do you love maps like we do? Then the Map Collections Page is for you.
Odden's Bookmarks
One of the first GIS links sites, and still one of the best.

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Welcome to the RPM Information Network: GIS

We have assembled GIS and mapping resources from all over the world for your convenient access. This award-winning site is sponsored by Retail Profit Management, a consulting firm founded by corporate planners and MIS specialists to help businesses and organizations serve their communities more effectively and profitably.

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Our Tsunami
Help Hurricane Katrina victims -- Donate Now.
"Tsunami Generation" Still Needs Your Help
Help the hundreds of thousands of children victimized by the tragic Indian Ocean tsunami -- donate to UNICEF.
RPM Continues To Expand Mapping Capablitities For Harland Financial Solutions Touche Analyzer
Users of Harland's next-generation CRM solution for financial institutions demand ease-of-use, and Harland delivers. Now, RPM and Harland continue adding spatial function to Touche Analyzer.
RPM partner Mapgistics is doing some especially cool stuff with GIS. Check it out!

See how RPM helps Western Exterminator apply the ESRI Business Analyst

West Coast Aerial
A 3 Star Magellan Site
Atlas GIS Resources
Thousands of business, social science, government and other users still rely on the ease and power of Atlas GIS. And, as long as they do, we will be here to support them. Here are some key resources.