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RPM Continues To Expand Mapping Capablitities For Harland Financial Solutions Touche Analyzer MCIF
Users of Harland's next-generation CRM solution for financial institutions continue to benefit from the best basic mapping engine in any MCIF system, RPM's MaxMap in Touche Analyzer - and gain a step up on the competition towards establishing enterprise GIS.
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MarketBank™ 2009 Market Penetration & Potential Database Update Available
RPM has released the most recent version of its popular MarketBank™ market demand and potential database for individual and categorical deposit, lending, insurance and securities products. Banks, credit unions and investment companies append MarketBank to their MCIF file to empower relationship building empowered by smart targeting, and become the primary financial institution for more of their customers. MarketBank is also used for site selection, branch and branch network administration, and helps to understand and control costs. This update has been improved to better reflect recent financial and real estate trends. Contact us today for more information about MarketBank™.
RPM Introduces New BranchInfo™ 2009 Bank Branch Locations & Performance Database
Branching has never been more important to banks and credit unions than it is now, as they seek to compete and defend against the new competition -- who, in turn, have their own branching needs. BranchInfo™ is RPM's value-added database of every bank location in the United States, carefully address-standardized and address-matched, containing branch level information matched by institution and site across a six-year timeframe. BranchInfo™ allows analysts to focus on merger and acquisition history, how branch growth did and did not occur, the impact of openings, closures and relocations, etc. Contact us today for more information about BranchInfo™.
Emerging Markets In Clear Focus
The Census Bureau projects that the combined buying power of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans will increase over 40% over the next 5 years. RPM Emerging Markets™ showcases minority and low to moderate income neighborhoods throughout the U.S. based on definitions supplied by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Home lenders use RPM Emerging Markets™ to discover and define emerging markets they are best-positioned to serve, target neighborhoods most likely to be or become homeowner-oriented, and develop partnerships with realtors and community organizations. For more information about RPM Emerging Markets™, please contact us today .
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Database Marketing, Demystified
This is what targeting is all about for a financial institution.
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Atlas GIS 2009 Geocoder
The 2009 update is here, and Atlas is still the leader - in providing an easy-to-use, basic thematic mapping and spatial analysis add-on for MCIF users. It's for those who want something more than an MCIF mapping engine, and something less than a real GIS.