Retail Profit Management (RPM)
Which Carrots Are The Big Ones?

Customers are like carrots.

Every one of them looks green on top. And some of them are really great big orange carrots underneath.

But others aren’t. So how do you tell them apart, and market to each appropriately?

MarketBank™ market potential data, added to your MCIF and/or customer database, can help you determine who has the potential to do more business with you, and what kinds of business, and who doesn't.

MarketBank™ databases contain an estimate of financial services usage by product at the block group level of geography. Potential is estimated based on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of households residing in an area as defined by ESRI Business Information Solutions, and upon the Federal Reserve Bank’s Survey of Consumer Finances. These estimates are then verified for accuracy by comparing them, on a market-by-market basis, to the actual product balances in the market as defined by the most recently available FDIC Call Reports.

MarketBank™ covers all aspects of financial services, including non-traditional products like mutual funds, insurance, and stocks. Contact RPM today and we’ll show you something better than growing carrots. We’ll show you how to build relationships. And avoid becoming carrot stew.


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