RouteMap IMS Overview

RouteMAP IMS lets you add maps and detailed driving directions to your Web site easily and affordably.

RouteMAP IMS is software that resides on your server, allowing you to change, edit, and serve an unlimited number of maps and routes without paying per hit or other charges, while giving you total control of page content and the user interface.

The software consists of three, easy-to-install and manage parts—Map Author, Server Manager, and WebGate Manager. The Map Author is the tool for map creation; the Server Manager manages where the bulk of the application resides, serving maps and generating driving directions; and the WebGate Manager is the communication and scalability component.

With RouteMap IMS, you can:

  • Geocode location addresses and create custom maps with symbols (logos) for your business locations.
  • Find any address, area code, city, county, or postal code in the United States.
    (Canada & Europe also now available!)
  • Display your own custom geography, such as sales territories, on the map.
  • Display and print maps and driving directions from your Internet Browser.
  • Easily navigate around the map -- zoom in, zoom out, pan, scroll, etc.
  • Customize your Internet mapping application using either the COM (ActiveX) or JAVA API.

RouteMap IMS 2.5 System Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Windows NT Server with Service Pack 4 or higher, or Windows 2000 Server, or XP Professional
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 or higher and Java Virtual Machine 5.0
  • 64 MB hard drive space plus the required space for your data pack selection (USA 1.7 MB total, Europe - 1.2 GB)
  • 256 MB RAM minimum
  • Works with most Internet browsers