RPM Consulting, LLCCross Sell Report

The Cross Sell Report guides financial marketers to sell additional services that make sense and make money to current households. The report below defines behavior that challenges accepted attitudes -- in this case, that credit products are best cross-sold to households who already have other credit products.

Take a look at the report areas outlined in red. In the case of the sample credit union described in this cross-sell report, the best average installment loan balances are in CD (CRT) households, and IRA and Money Market (MM) households have the best Credit Card (CCD) balances (they also have the best Checking balances, too).

While the average Installment Loan (ILN) account is $6,835, the average loan account for CD households is $9,154. Profiling the CD households who do borrow -- and making offers to other CD households who resemble them behaviorally, geographically and demographically -- will produce larger than average loans.

Further, while the average dollars per account for Checking is $1,128, the IRA ($6,918) and Money Market ($8,210) households have far, far higher average Checking account balances. Marketing Checking accounts to these households, especially if they live close to branches, will produce some great new Checking business, and strengthen ties to the institution.

This analysis should also help you to productively use the rest of this report. What other opportunities can you find here? Let us know what your own analysis reveals, and you could win a free gift!

Customer Insight MCIF Cross Sell Report