RPMGeographic Penetration Report

The Geographic Penetration or Geopen Report shows you where your volume and quality of business is coming from geographically, in a convenient and powerful way made even more powerful by today's mapping tools like Spatial Insight.

The Geopen report below depicts every ZIP code responsible for at least $1 million in Installment Loans for the sample credit union. These 44 ZIPs, a very small fraction of those representing the entire field of membership, are responsible for more than 58% of the loan dollars and nearly 55% of the loan households.

Within this critical group of ZIPs are some core prospecting areas. It's easy to spot the importance of the ZIPs near the top of the list, especially the top 3 areas and ZIP 15044, which is strong in both quality and quantity. Less easy to spot are those outlined ZIPs with at least $1 million in outstandings and account averages exceeding $8,000.

Using this geographic pattern of borrowers in conjunction with a behavioral profile will result in the kind of target marketing efficiency that is impossible without the MCIF.

Customer Insight MCIF Geographic Penetration Report