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Updating Past 9.X Projects to ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.3.1

Here's how to update your current and past Business Analyst projects after installing Business Analyst 9.3.1, and get rid of those pesky exclamation points signifying that the software can't find your data in the projects you've already created.

During the 9.3.1 install, everything you stored in My Output Data has been moved to a backup folder e.g. My Output Data_backup (or to backup1, backup2, etc. over the course of many such updates). So, you can either just move the files back to My Output Data; or, in the project files, from the Table of Contents, change the references to each of them in the Source tab to the _backup folder where they were moved.

Then, remove your Business Analyst group layer i.e. Business Analyst Map from the Table of Contents in your existing project, being careful to first move out of the group any of your own data layers that you may have included under the Business Analyst Map group in the Table of Contents. Then, download the new "Business_Analyst Base_Data.lyr" file from 9.3.1 Layer File and save it to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\Data. This Business_Analyst Base_Data.lyr file is a grouped layer that will let you add the Business Analyst 2009 data layers to any current map document (.mxd) you made in 9.3 or before.

What's New In ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.3.1?

Better performance. 2009 data. Improved wizards. And more - download the PDF here.

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