Retail Profit Management (RPM)
Branches Yesterday & Today

It's About Branches

It was in the 19th Century, and it still is today.

Not too long ago, nearly every institution in retail banking was trying to get customers to use cheaper, alternative delivery methods. ATMs, Audio Response, and then online banking were all the rage, “clicks over bricks”.

Then, some enterprising bankers began to focus on lifetime customer value. They realized that some of their best customers relied on branches, and the more these customers used electronics, the more important each branch visit became. They also recognized that these visits present great opportunities to build and extend relationship, and set banks apart from other financial services providers. Now, we’ve come full circle, and branches and branch networks are in the spotlight again.

BranchInfo™ is a value-added database of every bank location in the United States, carefully address-standardized and address-matched, containing branch level information matched by institution and site across a five-year timeframe. This allows analysts to focus on current office locations with the ability to trace ownership of branches over time, enabling review of merger and acquisition history, how branch growth did and did not occur, impact of openings, closures and relocations, etc.

Financial institutions use BranchInfo™ for:

  • Branch Site Location & Network Analysis/Planning
  • ATM Location Planning
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Market Share & Performance Trend Analysis
  • Trade Area Development & Profiling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Identifying Real Estate Opportunities
  • Determining/Modifying Facility Type & Design
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